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The MyCiTi service has added additional buses on the N2 Express routes to accommodate commuters left stranded by Metrorail.

The City of Cape Town's Brett Herron says extra buses will be added to the routes, from the CBD to Mitchells Plain, Kapteinsklip and Khayelitsha.

This comes while Metrorail has suspended services on Cape Town's Central line until further notice.

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Metrorail's Richard Walker says that this is all due to vandalism, cable theft and the continuous destruction of infrastructure.

However, Herron says a better security plan is needed to get Metrorail back on track.

He has emphasised the need for the City to takeover the rail network and bring in law enforcement and metro police to beef up security.

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Herron has been spearheading the municipality's plan to take over the management of Metrorail and shares his concerns over the deteriorating service.

We have to raise questions how this vanadilsm takes place when there is such a lot of money already being spent on security on the rail system.

Brett Herron, MayCo member for Transport

Trains are burnt in the station overnight while the train station has got a full compliment of security guards.

Brett Herron, MayCo member for Transport

We need to be the rail infrastructure and contracting with a service provider to operate the trains.

Brett Herron, MayCo member for Transport

Our focus will be on the rail reserves, the stations and security. [We would] let the train operators focus on operating the trains.

Brett Herron, MayCo member for Transport

One of the big problems in lack of maintenance.

Brett Herron, MayCo member for Transport

Take a listen to Brett Herron assess the situation:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : MyCiTi adds extra buses on N2 express route amid suspended train service

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