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Metrorail regional manager, Richard Walker has confirmed that the that all central line train services have been suspended until further notice.

Commuters were left stranded on Monday morning as the announcement was only made late on Sunday night.

Walker says the decision is due to months of serious vandalism, cable theft, and destruction of critical infrastructure in the area.

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The vandalism has been ongoing and the recent vandalism and spate of attacks has brought down the entire signal system from Langa right through to Philippi.

Richard Walker, Metrorail Regional Manager

Walker says the technical team worked tirelessly to rewire and replace the cables only to be destroyed again in a few days.

He says all the efforts to secure the place and equipment have been deliberately compromised by organised crime syndicates.

The police are also finding it difficult to control the crime in the area says Walker.

It is a very dangerous area and one of our guys was shot and is still critical in hospital, even the police are finding it difficult to police.

Richard Walker, Metrorail Regional Manager

The issue is the illegal scrap metal trade in the area and that is the source of the crime there.

Richard Walker, Metrorail Regional Manager

Golden Arrow says they are running more buses to help commuters get to work on time. They've asked that commuters be patient as they are trying their best to ensure that everyone is transported.

To hear more of how Metrorail is handling the situation on the central line, listen below:

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