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A young Cape Town dancer with big ambitions needs you to help make her dreams come true.

11-year-old Owam Amey has been for a accepted to attend a summer dance programme in Los Angeles (LA) next year.

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The World Class Dance Tour is a big opportunity for the talented dancer, but traveling to LA does not come cheap.

Her fathers Dean and Shaun Amey adopted the young girl when she was three-years-old and have been encouraging her passion for dance ever since.

They have created a crowdfunding page to help raise the money to get Owam to LA.

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Owam specialises in modern dancing and also performs some acrobatics and ballet.

Her dads started fostering Owam when she was six-months-old and say it was love at first sight.

She was only four when she started dance school and has never looked back.

The rising star says she hope to become a professional dancer one day and looks forward to more exposure.

Owam was moving to the rhythm from walking age.

Shaun Amey

She's got such character and charisma. Her technique is amazing.

Shaun Amey

I get really happy when my dad shows me pictures of me dancing.

Owam Amey

Dance makes me feel happy. When I get on the dance stage I feel free.

Owam Amey

Visit the BackaBuddy Champion Page to learn more and pledge towards the cause.

Listen to the inspiring story and the potential impact of the opportunity:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Meet Owam Amey, the promising young dancer who needs your help getting to LA

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