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The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed famed CapeTalk presenter John Maytham about his new book “Rapid Fire: Remarkable Miscellany”.

Description on Tafelberg:

What is the origin of the word “Bluetooth”?

Which UK football ground is surrounded by Bloemfontein and South African roads?

When walking ‘round Rondebosch Common, why is it wise not to go widdershins?

These are a few of the questions put to the formidable John Maytham by CapeTalk listeners in the ever popular “Rapid Fire” insert on the afternoon drive-time show.

Join him on a tour of the oddest, arcane and most surprising questions – and be tickled by the weird and wonderful answers.

For more detail; listen to the interview in the audio below (and/or scroll down for quotes from it).

I showed great prescience in hiring you 20 years ago, Bruce!

John Maytham

I’m the captain of the team. I decide the batting order.

John Maytham

Facts are important. The kinds of facts in this book aren’t…

John Maytham

What was bought in the first ever Bitcoin purchase made? Pizza… He paid 10 000 BTCs...

John Maytham

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