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CapeTalk's John Maytham speaks to founder and inventor of Flexipump, David Hutton.

According to Hutton, Flexipump works just like a bicycle pump and pumps water from a water source like a river to irrigate the crops. It is easy to use and provides sufficient irrigation for subsistence farmers to increase their crop yields, he says.

The Flexipump helps move large quantities of water from a source to your required destination, without having to use buckets and other heavy lifting methods.

You can take water from the river or from a well and pump to a field which could be a 100 meters away.

David Hutton, founder and inventor of Flexipump

It saves the farmer a huge amount of time and effort putting water onto his crops.

David Hutton, founder and inventor of Flexipump

See how Flexipump works below:

To hear more on how the Flexipump works, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : No-hassle Flexipump may be answer to farmers' water irrigation woes

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