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When you are in holiday mode, its is easy to forget about planning for emergencies - until they happen. It is vital for people to have proper plans in place, so you can respond and deal with the emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Medical doctor Dr Charl Van Loggerenberg says the most practical solution is to have a plan in place in case things go wrong. This is especially true since when these situations happen, panic can take over and delay the help needed.

It's not about equipment or necessarily a whole set of training or skills you want to import into the household. It is about recognising that some emergency is going to happen. It could be relatively minor, it might - perish the thought - be a bit more serious and it's about a quick response plan.

Dr Charl Van Loggerenberg


Dr Van Loggerenberg says that allergies needed to be tended to right away. There is no time to wait for help, especially in the case of server allergies. Always have anti-histamines available and for those who suffer from severe allergies, there needs to be a couple adrenaline auto-injector pen available in the house.


According to Dr Van Loggerenberg burns have the most stress on tissue. With burns, cool running water is the answer. It is also good to have the product Burn Shield that is available at pharmacies to put as a dressing on household burns.


Someone in the house, including caregivers or helpers, should be trained in CPR, says Dr Van Loggerenberg. It is also important to call the emergency services when a big emergency occurs.

It's such a simple skill. It teaches someone how to handle an obstructed airway, what to do if someone collapses - the big stuff. It takes the panic out of responding to that big emergency.

Dr Charl Van Loggerenberg

Dr Van Loggerenberg also recommends that everyone in the house knows emergency numbers they can call when they need it.

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This article first appeared on 702 : The ABCs of holiday emergencies (and how to prepare)

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