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While exotic animals may seem like cute pets to have, the maintenance that goes into caring for these animals may be too much to handle.

Esther van der Westhuizen, owner of Butterfly World says that they receive so many exotic animals that get handed to them to care for, when people cannot handle them as pets.

Many people buy these exotic animals, thinking it will be a cute pet, and then within a couple of days they realise it the worst possible decision they could possible make.

Esther van der Westhuizen, owner of Butterfly World

Van der Westhuizen says that often these pets have different sleeping patterns or diets to the norm, adding another level of maintenance and care.

When people realise they can't just get food for their exotic pet from the store, for instance, it is easier to simply get rid of the pet.

Because there are so many exotic animals left at butterfly world, it puts enormous pressure on the business financially and practically.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Exotic pets are being abandoned by owners

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