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A women empowerment campaign is using dolls to highlight issues of sexual rights.

A few months ago, a series of Babushka dolls (Russian nesting doll) were created to help women find their inner strength through the Zazi campaign. The initiative is a collaborative effort by the Centre for Communications Impact and Joe Public.

Kieno Kammies spoke to Sara Chitambo, client representative for Zazi and Joe Public's Claudi Potter to find out more.

What these dolls have done, starting already from the empowerment point of view, is we got woman artists to work on them. And embedded within each doll is representing a stage of life where you might have experienced some sort of violence and how to overcome it at each and every one of those stages.

Sara Chitambo, Client representative for Zazi

We wanted to create this ongoing conversation piece that can be passed from woman to woman. Something that women can own for a while, take ownership of, spread the message and pass onto the next person.

Claudi Potter, Joe Public

Click on the link below to hear more about the campaign....

This article first appeared on 702 : Campaign uses Babushka dolls to empower women and highlight sexual rights

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