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South African retailers and consumers have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon in a very, very big way.

How big?

Some might say too big; click here, or here, or here for a somewhat disturbing look at the frenzy surrounding this American import.

We saw an 81% increase in spending last year on Black Friday.

Geoff Lee, Barclays Africa

South Africa’s largest retailers are keeping their very best deals under wraps, for now.

So, if you’re up for a Springboks vs All Blacks level scrum, here follows instructions on how to ensure you get the deals in your inbox the moment they become known.


The retail giant promises savings of “up to 50%” on a wide range of food, “premium” drinks and appliances.

Specific deals will be advertised nationally later this week.

Get these ads mailed to you by clicking here and by entering your details.


To find out more about Black Friday deals at Checkers, click here and supply your details.

Checkers are giving away a number of, what they call, “VIP Black Friday experiences”.

Click here to sign up.

A “VIP Black Friday experience” consists of a R5000 voucher towards any Black Friday deal.

Also, you can skip the queues by ordering the deal, or deals, online and picking them up at the store at your convenience once the frenzy has died down.

Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay pledges massive discounts on appliances, toys, tech and food.

Click here to sign up for information on specific deals when they’re announced.


Makro will have savings of up to 60% for an extended five-day Black Friday sale.

It promises hundreds of deals.

Click here to sign up, so you’ll know about all the deals once they’re announced.

(Also read: "Black Friday is a thing, because everyone wants to be happy - and it’s not easy".)

(Also read: "Black Friday is a thing, because everyone wants to be happy - and it’s not easy".)

This article first appeared on 702 : What Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Makro will offer on Black Friday

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