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A vehicle for carefree, youthful self-expression, in recent years, Braamfontein has been foreshadowing a strong upsurge of musical influence, especially in hip-hop.

These "Braam Kids" as they are popularly referred to, freely reflect their social standing through fashion, music, art and other forms of creative expression.

Rap duo, Siyanda Mdledle and William Nkuna, better known as Champagne69 are fashion creatives and talented musicians – also considered the quintessential ‘Braam Kids’.

Since they burst onto the scene a year ago, their single ‘Booty Sweat’, blew up the internet, adding to the consistency of the duo in honing their sound.

The pair says because they are considered the ‘Braam Kids’, they decided to make a parody of it by making songs like ‘Booty Sweat’.

This two 19-year-olds formed a friendship when they attended high school together at the National School of the Arts and then both went on to attend tertiary at LISOF (London International School of Fashion).

Mdledle’s love for anime and Nkuna’s curiosity for clothing design saw Nkuna create fashion for Mdledle’s anime characters as a quirky passion project.

About the name Champagne69, Nkuna explains, “Champagne is a metaphor for salvation. Champagne is essentially about – at the very end – what we’ve gone through.”

As fashion students who are now engaged with another facet of creative expression, they’ve received some resistance to being in the hip-hop industry. And as a response Champagne69 is determined to break confines, push their creative limits, and take the music business by storm.

Being able to share ideas, skills, and being surrounded by like-minded creatives in the cultural hub of Braamfontein was just the start that Champagne69 needed.

Listen to their music here

This article first appeared on 702 : Champagne69 the quintessential 'Braam Kids'

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