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Entrepreneur, author, activist and philanthropist Russell Simmons has launched scores of ground-breaking careers and innovative enterprises in arenas as varied as music, film, television, fashion, comedy, poetry, digital platforms, theatre and finance.

Simmons was the headline speaker at the Inaugural Liberty VUKA Knowledge Summit hosted in Johannesburg, Sandton.

Simmonds spoke to 702 host Azania Mosaka about meditation, spirituality, yoga and operating from a place of abundance.

It makes sense to come to a business summit and remind people who are trying to achieve things in the world that it has to come from the inside and then you become a better business. It is important to centre the self first.

Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur, author, activist and philanthropist

Simmons also mentions his transition to becoming a vegan. He says the number cause of global warming is the animals you eat, number one cause of cancer is the meat you eat. He adds that this type of unconscious behaviour causes sickness and is a comic disaster that destroys the planet.

There is no good reason to eat animal products. Its reason to create a vegan and plant based diet.

Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur, author, activist and philanthropist

Simmons completed his address on Wednesday by requesting all attendees at the summit to meditate for ten minutes. He says when you sit, the mind will settle and be still coerced with a little bit of patience. Everything we do is about stillness he adds.

Needing nothing attracts everything! The only moments of happiness are when the mind is empty from neediness.

Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur, author, activist and philanthropist

Take a listen to the full interview in the clip below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Russell Simmons: Needing nothing attracts everything

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