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CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies speaks to Troy Hunt, an Australian information security expert who exposed the largest data leak recorded in South African history.

Hunt is the founder of an online service, Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), which aggregates data breaches and initially revealed a massive data breach involving 60 million South Africans.

According to Hunt, the website that is at the centre of this storm is a real estate agency Jigsaw Holdings based in Pretoria. This is a holding company for several real estate franchises, including Realty1, ERAand Aida.

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This wasn't necessarily a case of malice, it was more a case of an organisation (real estate agency) having backed up their data and accidentally publishing it to a web server that's facing the world.

Troy Hunt, information security expert

This data had a lot of information relating to your personal life things like your name, your ID numbers which include your birth dates, addresses and job titles - all sorts of things you can't simply go and change.

Troy Hunt, information security expert

However, Hunt says these information is not the kind of information anyone can go and find it but on the other hand it is information that hackers with malicious intentions can go and find, which is very concerning.

To see if your personal information has been leaked, go to their website.

To hear the rest of the interview, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : SA's massive data breach was not intentional - security expert

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