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Transport Minister Joe Maswinganyi announced that R9 billion will be made available for upgrading the Western Cape's rail system.

Prasa CEO, Lindikhaya Zide speaks to CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies about some of the upgrades to be added to the Western Cape's rail service.

He says the first project will be the network's re-signaling program, a 5-year project which is currently in its third year, costing R2 billion.

We are also going to commence with the modernising of the Salt River depot and we are going to spend about R2 billion.

Lindikhaya Zide, acting CEO of PRASA

We are going to work with the City and the province to ensure we develop a link to Cape Town airport and that will be in a tune of about R2.8 billion.

Lindikhaya Zide, acting CEO of PRASA

We have a new stock of 35 trains that will be delivered in the Western Cape in 2019 and that will cost around R3 billion...

Lindikhaya Zide, acting CEO of PRASA

To hear more of this interview, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : R9 billion earmarked for Western Cape's rail upgrade

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