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An after-school online maths program, supported by the European Union, has been adapted to fit in with the South African curriculum, and is now available locally.

Co-founder at Smartick, Javier Arroyo, says the app uses artificial intelligence to create content that fully adapts to the needs of the child.

It changes from exercise to exercise depending on the way a child answers questions.

We create a fully personalised and individualised program for a child. We maximise his or her potential no matter what it is.

Javier Arroyo, Co-founder at Smartick

Arroyo says every child goes through an entry level test to measure their knowledge, their speed in finding solutions and whether they give correct answers or not.

In order to suit the South Africa's curriculum they have placed the emphasis on mental calculations, critical thinking skills and problem-solving to "make them understand why they do what they do".

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Online personalised math program adapted for SA

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