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A group of adults and children taking part in a tour of Cape Town's underground network of tunnels had a near death experience when they were caught up in a flash flood.

CEO of Cape Town Tourism Enver Duminy says he received a few complaints from the people who took part in the tour.

Some of the complaints were that the tour operators seem to be aware of such incidents, especially after the rains, but no precautions were taken.

They also said that they were left to fend for themselves when the flash floods happened and that the tour operators did very little to assist.

Duminy says the matter is being looked into and that Cape Town Tourism takes this matter very seriously.

We have shared the information with the Cape Town Tourist rights Association and asked them to intervene and get to the bottom of this, find out what exactly transpired.

Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism

At the end of the day it is about to make sure that all visitors are taken care of whether local or international.

Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism

To hear more for the CEO of Cape Town Tourism, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape Town Tourism to probe why tourists were caught in flash floods

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