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According to a survey recently released by Pharma Dynamics, almost 40% of South Africans are planning on taking fake sick leave in June or July.

Pharma Dynamics spokesperson Nicole Jennings says they polled 1 500 working professionals across the country to find out how people were gearing up for the colds and flu season.

In order to get an honest response, the survey was completely anonymous, says Jennings.

She says about 48% people said they are willing to go to work with a cold or flu which is terrible considering the fact that it is highly contagious.

The reason cited for not going to work is that they just cant bear another day in the office. This could speak to a very stressful life that a lot of people in the corporate world are struggling with.

Nicole Jennings, Pharma Dynamics spokesperson

Another question asked was the method used when reporting in sick to your employers. Jennings says that 62% said that they send a Whatsapp message and about 30% still make a phone call.

There is that trend not to communicate face to face or pick up the phone and make a call, talk to your manager.

Nicole Jennings, Pharma Dynamics spokesperson

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This article first appeared on 702 : 40% of South African workers plan to report sick this winter - Survey

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