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Metrorail ticket holders in Cape Town can use Golden Arrow bus services as an alternative on Tuesday between 8am and 4pm.

Train services have been heavily disrupted after angry commuters went on the rampage, torching two train carriages and looting shops overnight.

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Commuters went on the rampage in reaction to lengthy delays and being stranded, reports EWN's Shamiela Fisher.

Metrorail's regional manager Richard Walker says the train service started experiencing technical issues from 2pm on Monday.

Metrorail has attributed the train delays to an overloaded electrical supply system.

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Meanwhile, Fisher says commuters can expect delays of over an hour on Tuesday.

I feel for these commuters. It's going to be a very difficult journey home.

Shamiela Fisher, EWN reporter

One suspect has been investigating in connection with the looting and arson and investigations are ongoing.

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Metrorail provides Golden Arrow bus service for ticket holders amid disruptions

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