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Veteran actor Sir Roger Moore has died at age 89.

Listen to the interview with the legendary James Bond actor below:

In March 2016 Moore did an interview with CapeTalk's Melanie Verwoerd.

Roger Moore is best known as one of the classic James Bonds in the famous movie franchise. He chats to Friday Stand-In, Melanie Verwoerd about how he almost stumbled into acting.

I had friends who were doing crowd work on a film called Caesar and Cleopatra. They said come on down, you get a couple of quid and it's absolutely wonderful.

Roger Moore, Actor

Moore says he was picked as a Roman soldier extra and that's when the director suggested he try his hand at acting.

I jokingly say I either had a very long spear or a very short toga.

Roger Moore, Actor

It was during the Second World War and Moore studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

During the war, there were sixteen girls and four boys in every class.

Roger Moore, Actor

He modeled sweaters earning the nickname, 'The Big Knit' before his big break into movies and landing his most famous role of James Bond 007.

Director, Guy Hamilton never wanted him to sound like his predecessor Sean Connery so amazingly he never actually uttered certain famous lines.

I never said 'Martini shaken not stirred'. Other people said it for me.

Roger Moore, Actor

I always say what kind of spy was Bond when every barman in any bar he walks into anywhere in the world says, 'Ah Mr. Bond, Martini shaken or stirred?'

Roger Moore, Actor

Moore apparently told his leading ladies to leave their socks on during love scenes.

If they were cold, I did not want their cold feet on my back.

Roger Moore, Actor

Roger Moore has spent his career helping raise funds for Unicef and cares deeply about helping raise money to help countries devastated by poverty.

Melanie asked him what car he drives. An Aston Martin? No, he laughed. He drives a Smart car in Europe, where parking spaces are very tight. He laughingly relates a story of how he was coming out of a French Cafe once and got into his little car.

Some people in the cafe apparently said, 'What's James Bond doing in a can of Heinz baked beans?

Roger Moore, Actor

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Roger Moore has died, age 89

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