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Insurance companies in the UK offer drivers up to 12.5% in discounts on their premiums if they buy and install a dashboard camera.

While the South African industry has adopted technologies such as telematics and tracking devices, insurance expert Lizette Erasmus says dash cams could be another device to explore.

There are however challenges involved in doing so.

It is still a bit of an unknown in South Africa and there is a bit of uncertainty in the industry as to who would be responsible for the installation, the cost and then, of course, the infrastructure that you would require and need to install to make sure that you get feedback from the clients....

Lizette Erasmus, Insurance Expert at IntegriSure

The biggest thing at this stage is to see what the consumer's take on this would be, would they be willing?

Lizette Erasmus, Insurance Expert at IntegriSure

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Dash cams may reduce insurance premiums

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