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City Mission Educational Services has accepted an invitation to take part in a soccer tour in Germany.

John Maytham speaks to the sports co-coordinator at City Mission Educational Services, Ian Pakoe, to find out more.

He says the boys get an opportunity to experience the football culture and the educational system of other countries.

Last year six of our boys were called back to the UK ...

Ian Pakoe, Sports co-coordinator at City Mission Educational Services

Maytham also spoke to Errol van de Byl, coach and father to Jade van de Byl, player for Blikkiesdorp United FC who is also selected to go to Germany.

Errol has high hopes that his son will one day become a professional football player.

He is very talented because I am training him from 9-years-old.

Errol van de Byl, father of Jade van de Byl

Errol works as janitor at the Delft technical school and is in need of funding to support his son on this trip to Germany.

He says they need about R30 000 for the trip. If any listeners are willing to contribute contact CapeTalk or email JohnM@CapeTalk.co.za

To hear more of this interview, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Blikkiesdorp janitor talks about son's soccer tour in Germany

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