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What can you do with R2 these days? How about change a person’s life? Born in Hillbrow to a single mother and surrounded by street gangs and crime, Tebogo Mabye seemed destined for struggle. Fortunately, he found a safe haven at MES, a partner of Add Hope that is funded by donations that KFC customers make every day.

If you don’t believe us that your R2 could change a life, watch Tebogo Mabye’s amazing story here:

Tebogo is living proof of the ripple effect that taking care of a young child can have. In his powerful words: “MES taught us how to master ourselves – gave us a place that we belong and taught us the spirit of generosity. And that is the change I want to be for a child there today. I want to help those kids that are exactly like we were, before it’s too late.”

This article first appeared on 947 : Add Hope – Stories of Hope

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