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Talk Radio 702's Phemelo Motene believes if you enter into a relationship with a colleague or boss, one of you should probably leave the company you work for.

One of you needs to leave because the position of power tampers with what could be happening in that office.

Phemelo Motene, Host, Talk Radio 702

Motene says objectivity is also compromised, where subordinates may be deemed favourites by the senior official they may be dating.

I've had a few failed attempts and can say it's never a good idea to date someone you work with but I ended up marrying someone I worked with.

Jason, caller

Those are boundaries I don't step into. How do i get to reprimand her if I'm sleeping with her?

Thabo, caller

I am married to someone who I worked with on campus radio. I was the newbie and he was in HR. We now both work in the same company again although no one reports to anyone. I think go for it.

Elma, caller

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This article first appeared on 702 : Listeners on the do's and don'ts of office romance

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