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In many ways, millennials have had it relatively easy compared to the generations before them.

Long before Google, MacBooks and Tinder, a different generation got through their youth with a little less ease.

Presenter Eusebius McKaiser invited listeners to share their nostalgic memories of the era before digital everything.

10 things millennials will never understand:

1. There was once a time before [insert streaming service of choice here].

2. Having to adjust the aerial for a better picture on your TV - no HD.

3. Making your way to the nearest telephone booth with small change or to make a collect call.

4. The highly technical skill needed to rewind or fix unraveling cassette tapes.

5. This slight broadcasting inconvenience.

6.Not immediately knowing how those selfies turned out. #Kodak

7. A kids show for the history books, before Disney channel.

8. Written communication not sent via an App?

9. When your floppy disk just wouldn't cooperate.

10. Before sliced bread hit the market (and when the milk man was still a thing).

Take a listen to callers share their experiences during a trip down memory lane:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 10 things millennials will never fully grasp (and many other flashbacks)

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