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Local NPO, Sakhikamva Foundation in collaboration with Appshed will be hosting a Robotics night out, a local workshop aimed at stimulating innovation in young minds.

CEO at Appshed, Torsten Stauch, says they want to offer young people tools and opportunity to work with
real projects that challenge and inspire them to follow maths and science related careers in the future.

Fear of failure is a big thing and we are here to say it's ok to make a mistake and learn from it.

Torsten Stauch, CEO at Appshed

On Friday we have an open evening to show moms, dads and teachers what can be done with technology. We are trying to take the fear away from it.

Torsten Stauch, CEO at Appshed

Learners will be exposed to App building, app design, IoT (Internet of Things), Coding and Robotics at the Stream laboratory in Constantia on Friday night.

To know more about Appshed and what it does visit their website.

Listen to CEO of Appshed explain what can be expected on Friday..

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Robotics night out to inspire young minds

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