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'Dine With' is taking Cape Town by storm, tackling social issues by connecting the city and the township through food, hospitality and social dialogue.

Since 2015, 'Dine With' has hosted dinners in 102 township households and facilitated conversations on a range of issues including social and economic change in the townships, social enterprise, entrepreneurship and maintaining hope in the face of adversity for over 800 diverse guests.

"When I look at things, Capetonians owe each other that much to have a dinner, sit down and talk about issues that we face and try to come up with solutions. Starting there we can have a better future.

Sive Thonga, Co-founder of Dine With

These dinners gather people from all corners of the earth and challenge generations of separation and stereotypes through food and friendship.

You can get in touch with the 'Dine With' team on their website, Facebook or on Twitter.

**Listen to the full interview with KFM's Sechaba G:**

_Picture Credit: Dine with Khayelitsha Facebook Page

This article first appeared on LeadSA : Dine With Khayelitsha - 'A Purposefully Awesome Experience in the Township'

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