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Executive Mayor Particia De Lille said fines of up to R2 000 have been issued to people not adhering to the water restrictions.
The City has vowed to name and shame offenders.

Once those issued with fines ranging between R500 and R2 000 have paid their admission of guilt fines, we will [by law] be able to name them.

Patricia de Lille, CT executive mayor

It is unacceptable that people are still not adhering to restrictions. But we can name buildings, streets and areas where fines have been issued.

Patricia de Lille, CT executive mayor

De Lille described the water levels in the dams as dire. saying there is 24% of usable water left.

She also spoke about speculation that she will face disciplinary action for having knowledge of Democratic Alliance documents that were leaked to the media. Listen to what she said here:

This article first appeared on 702 : LISTEN: De Lille on when water offenders names will be released

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