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It's 25 November, literally only 1 month until Christmas. Forget the Black Friday madness, are you ready for the Ole Yule Tide? We asked some of your favourite DJs if they are ready for the Festive season:

I have done Zero Xmas shopping thus far but this year, unlike other years, I am going to go online and allow the gifts to come to me even though I find therapy in the hustle and bustle of a shopping mall this time of year."

Carl Wastie

No Christmas shopping for me this year! I’ll be on an island in Thailand with my boyfriend so I skip the stress and insecurity of Christmas present shopping this year! I will miss my family though.

Jessica Da Silva

I fool myself into saying that I'm on top of things. But I'm not. I normally wake up with 2 weeks to go and online shopping has made life easier. However I'm guaranteed to be found in Canal Walk on Xmas eve hunting for last-minute gifts!

Ian Bredenkamp

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