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How do you wear your hair? We asked these people from the Cape why they have they have these styles on their head, and what their hair means to them:

Noluvo Jevu:

“Its my natural hair and I believe in rocking my own hair.”


“I had a lot of hair, I had to cut it.It was about time.”


“This hairstyle is simple and I really love simplicity hence why I am going of it now.”

Sisanda Mnyataza:

“I was sick and tired of going to the gym and having sweat pouring down my neck.I had a wedding to go to where I was going to be singing,so I decided to cut the bottom of my hair off,I had literally two hours to braid my hair.This hairdo is an expression of myself as an artist,I always try to portray my creativity and artistry in the way that I dress and in my hairstyles.”

Galen Macgee:

 “I chose this hairstyle because its natural,it feels great on my head.”

Yonelisa Wambi:

“I love this hairstyle because it suits my fashion sense and at the moment it's trendy”

Thando Feni:

“My hairstyle shows that I am an artist.It also reflects my character.Also its my crown because I am a Rastafarian.”

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