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Dearest, fairest, Cape,

I’ve lived here my entire life, so it is about time that I finally tell you what I think about you.

You are awesome. 

I don’t mean that in the flippant way people usually do when they use the word. 

I mean that you truly inspire awe in me. 

It’s impossible not to feel that way while hiking through Newlands Forest, or climbing Lions Head under the full moon, or watching the swells break on the beach while driving through Wilderness in the Garden Route. 

Where else on this planet can I swim in two different oceans, go up a mountain, and have a picnic in field of blooming wild flowers on the same day?

And speaking of wild flowers – I haven’t spent nearly enough time along your West Coast, and that makes me a little sad.

There are so many little towns all along the N7, each with their own quirks and highlights, that I could spend a month exploring and still not experience everything.

Don’t worry; I know times are tough for many of us living here. I know there are problems.  And yet, I still have hope that the people of this province have big enough hearts to take those problems on.

So, thank you, my fairest Cape, for the sunsets, for the summer days, for rainy afternoons, and yes, even for the wind.

Sincerely yours,

A secret admirer

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