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Jenna Lowe was posthumously awarded the regional Youth Hero award at a ceremony in Cape Town on 1 August 2015. The award was accepted by her mother Gabi Lowe.

Jenna died on the 8th June following complications arising from pulmonary arterial hypertension and the challenges of having had an organ transplant.

The search for a suitable donor resulted in a campaign to get more organ donors registered and by 9 June just under 5 000 had done so.

In 2012, when Jenna Louw was 17, she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, an extremely rare and severely life threatening lung disease. By the age of 19 it became clear that she needed a lung transplant if she was going to make it to her 21st birthday.

To improve her chances of finding a donor she launched the “Get Me to 21” campaign. She created a website and posted a video to YouTube in which she asked everyone who watched to become an organ donor. In return Jenna invited all donors to her 21st birthday, if she made it.

_ Click on play below to watch “You are invited to Jenna’s 21st Birthday Party” on YouTube: _

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