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The moment Ryan asked for your stories of embarrassing things your kids have said, the phone lines went nuts! Apparently Cape children are always ready to say something interesting, like these stories:

Bob Skinstad

“My folks used to tease me about when I went to a game park for the first time. 

My parents took us through a book of the animals we would see there, so I was looking for an elephant – and the kid next to me said “Oh there’s an elephant!” and then I was looking for a buffalo – and the kid next to me said “Oh, there’s a buffalo!” 

I was so cross that I hadn’t spotted one first that when I saw a zebra for the first time I just froze – I couldn’t the words out – so I just shouted out “Look at that pile of skin!”

My folks have never let me forget it…”


“Our son plays one our tablet, and one day he had a friend over and they played with the tablet. The next day the same friend came over, and while they were playing in the room I heard him say “Let’s play with the medicine”.

My heart stopped – I thought they were playing in the bathroom with the actual medicine – but the friend couldn’t remember the word for the tablet!

Matt Pearce

“My 4-year old son has an answer for absolutely everything. My wife has a strict rule that he is only allowed fizzy drinks on someone’s birthday.

Last Christmas we found him sipping on a can of Coke, and when my wife asked him who said he could have a fizzy drink he replied, “It’s Jesus’ birthday, isn’t it?””


At the time, my kids were 3 or 4. Money was short back then, but we would buy monkey pops (coco pops). The scoops and the balls were more expensive, so we wouldn’t buy it usually.

But one day we had a bit of extra cash, so we bought it for my son, who then began to run through the aisles shouting, “I’ve got big balls!”

I wanted to kill him, but my husband just said, “That’s my boy””

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