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We recently discovered that Cape Cobras cricketer Omphile Ramela is a man of many talents - not only is he scoring runs on the first-class cricketing field, but he's scoring top grades on the academic front too!

With many Matric pupils worrying that they will struggle to balance academics, sports AND cultural activities while still having a semblance of a social life, we wanted to find out from this all-rounder (in life) how he manages EVERYTHING:

What are you studying?

"I did my undergraduate in BA (Politics, Philosophy & Economics). Then went on to complete an BA (Honours) in Philosophy. In 2014 I completed a Bcomm Honours in Economics. In 2015 I'm planning to enroll for an Mcomm in Economics at Stellenbosch University. All the above mentioned qualifications where completed at Stellenbosch University."

How much time in your week do your studies take?

The amount of times often depends on what time of the year and the nature of one's course. My post grad on average took 20+ hours per week.

When everyone else just about copes with ONE job, you are able to be a professional cricketer AND study at the same time! What made you decide to take this workload on?

"The decision to tackle both workloads is a by product of circumstance and necessity. Firstly, when I left high school I realised the importance of studying. 

But as any student might tell you studying is financially strenuous. So cricket provided an opportunity to earn an income while studying. And I took that route as it seemed the most optimal to successfully complete my studies."

Matric can be a hectic year – what advice to have for students who are struggling to their balance sports, studies and personal lives?

"I had the privilege of going to St John's College and there they often emphasised the importance of finding a balance between sports, studies and personalise. The key for me is to realise that everything has a time and place. 

And if you have that kind of structure where your studying is just as important as your rest periods, you will succeed in Matric. 

Finally it's also important to realise that Matric is the beginning of adult life."

What are you hoping to achieve in 2015?

"I'm hoping to score loads of runs for my franchise the Cape Cobras and win games in process. If I could also complete my Mcomm in Economics that would be a cherry on top."

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