1. 01:00 - 05:00 The Best of the Cape

We received an email from Alfred Thorpe on Wednesday, where he told us about a strange event that he witnessed on Clifton on Tuesday:

"As we came down from Kloof road, the wind was howling in Camp's bay...we thought the long drive was not going to be worth it.  But as we got closer to the magical Clifton, the wind seemed to disappear into thin air.  Trying to find parking almost took us longer than the drive from the east!"

"Entertainment kicked off just before sunset, with artists performing to the rhythm of percussionists, drumming away through the evening.  There were various tools used, poi's, sticks and hoops, all with flames giving color to the evening.  One or two of the more daring also spit fire."

"All and all an awesome event and highly recommended as something to do, if you are in Cape Town when the next event is on!"

You can find out when the next Connect and Flow event is taking place here.

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