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Ukufunda, meaning “to learn” in isiZulu, is a  FREE  mobile tool from Mxit designed for teachers, learners and parents to use anytime andanywhere.

Ukufunda works on all internet-enabled devices, even low-end feature phones. Data costs for very heavy use (even when downloading whole textbooks) will range between R5 and R10 a week, depending on network costs.

The key attraction of Ukufunda is the “My Educational Resources” section where teachers and students can access free textbooks (and books to read for fun!) and get help (teaching and learning resources, study tips, live interaction with teachers, extra lessons, revision, etc.) with any school subject.

“My Homework”, yet another handy section, helps students with their homework while “My Mentor” ties working professionals or tertiary students to learners in a yearlong mentorship.

Other notable sections include the following:

  • My Calendar (Notifications of events and tasks)

  • My Safety and Wellness (counselling and emergency services)

  • My Groups (Virtual study groups)

  • My Classroom (Virtual classroom where teacher can directly talk to students)

  • My Contacts (Connect with others in your school)

  • The ANA Test (An assessment tool based on the Department of Education’s ANA test)

_ Click here to get Ukufunda on your phone for  FREE ._

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