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This morning we asked you about the oldest appliances you still own and use. You Rang Ryan to tell him your stories. Listen here!

Here are some of the responses we got from you on twitter.

Andy  ‏@Andymann21 

@945Kfm My gran's blender from the 50's. Still going strong.

Andri Theyse  ‏@An3T

@MarkPilgrimZA @945Kfm My first watch for my 9th bday

Matthew Kelly  @That_Matty 

@945Kfm we still have and use my gran's Kenwood Chef mixer that is over 50 years old and it has never skipped a beat! Built like a tank!

Maleehah Allie  ‏@maleehahallie 

@945Kfm my mother's electric carving knife, it's about 25 years old :)

Even some of the breakfast team keep vintage technology.

Ryan O'Connor  @RyanOConnorSA ·

So here is @sboshmafu ’s tv! NOOOO WAAAYS! #oldschool she uses it everyday. Value for money!

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