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This morning the Stellenberg Girls Choir returned from Latvia where they participated in the World Choir Olympics.

Ground Patrol joined in on the madness at the airport! Friends and family gathered in crowds with balloons and 'welcome home' banners for their talented singing stars to arrive.

Students showed their love and support by chanting their favourite school songs to get the crowd excited!

As the glass doors opened, tears of joy and love poured down the faces of moms, dads, aunts and grannys who had been waiting for 12 days for their return. They were eager to open their hearts and lend their ears to listen to every single adventure they had so bravely embarked on.

Ground Patrol and familiar faces were blown away by the sweet sounds of their vocals as they bolted musical notes of another kind. Lets just say they had everyone in tears and covered in goosebumps from head to toe!

A HUGE congratulations to Stellenberg High school choir for winning three gold medals, recieving an average of 94% and the only high school to compete out of the 73 choirs. A celebration that will be remembered for a life time.

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