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Ground Patrol joined the celebration of the International Plastic Bag Free Day at Bay Harbour Market. A great campaign expressing the importance of Refuse, Reuse, Recycle and Respect. 

A plastic shopping bag is constantly creating damage to the environment. Their light weight ensures that they are easily carried away by the wind, and this contributes to the large number of bags that are lost to the environment. Here they remain and continue to have harmful effects on all living organisms.

Banning the plastic bag could become a powerful educational tool, for raising awareness of excessive plastic consumption, littering in general and the responsible disposal of personal garbage.

An art installation called "Simba" constructed by a local artist in Hout Bay, encouraged the public to show their commitment and support by handing over their plastic bags and placing them inside the art installation.

Lets help keep our environment clean and safe for a better future for all.

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