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The KFM Breakfast team will be attending the official opening of the George Child and Family Welfare Safe House.

KFM has been involved with the development of the Safe House for many years, and the team are excited to see the complete project which will house up to 12 vulnerable children in complete safety. Here is what the house looked like before and after the extended renovation:

The house still needs various items that will turn it into a comfortable home for it's residents. If you are able to help by donating any of the items listed below, please contact Sue on (044) 874 0424 or email her at  sue@georgechildwelfare.co.za



Double bunk beds with matrasses

Additional matrasses (2)

Compactum for babies room (Small)

Large dining room table and chairs

Bar stools


Small and medium sized pots

Mixing bowls

Pyrex dishes

Plastic storage containers

Plastic plates, bowls and mugs for kids

Plastic cutlery

Wooden spoons

Sharp knives


Fitted single sheets

Single duvets

Pillow cases

Bath towels

Non-perishable foods

Garden tools


Plants and grass

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